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fullfat: the label

I would like to add that all FullFat-CDs are produced and can be sent out by myself to everybody who wants to order. Also you might find the CDs in stores mainly around germany, austria and switzerland and appropriate internet platforms. For distribution outside of germany please get in touch with my new distribution partner “edelkultur”, which is directed by q-rious music in D-Köln (Moltkestr.80, D50674 Koeln, Germany, fon: +49-221-500 859-22, fax +49-221-500 859-10,, It seems appropriate to me at this time to control all aspects of the production process. Putting no money in magazin-adds means mostly no written article inside of the magazine. And this means no way catching attention of the public. The less people know about the CDs and the musicians the less they can get attracted by the music. Nevertheless you have to go your own path receiving attraction of the listener.
Starting from fullfat07 we’ll published all CD in Bend-it Green.
About Bend-it Green: 100% recycled or FSC/PEFC certified material, eco friendly soya vegetable ink, eco friendly glue, water-based varnish, made of a single piece of cardboard.
Advantages: easy to use (bend out disc holder), no plastic, carbon footprint savings of more than 50% vs Digipak, full-surface printable, cost efficient, short leadtime, easy to recycle – no separation of components,

thank you,
Dieter ILG


I am totally thrilled by the BASS CD, by the pieces themselves, the actual playing and the great recording quality which – I think – exceeds that of many recordings I have come across. I know a lot of Charlie Haden’s and Dave Holland’s stuff but this is the most sophisticated and melodic solo performance I have heard so far.
Martin Winkler, D-München

This way buying CD’s is great fun. Your packaging with the little postcards and the personal greeting provides the framework this music deserves. I have already listened to the CD’s and eaten your chocolate at the same time. The cover is beautiful, the music played and recorded excellently, the compositions are top class and I have really enjoyed listening to this album. How is it possible that Jazz – played only with bass and saxophone, without any drums or percussion – can swing like this and never get boring? I hope other listeners see it the same way and that this CD will have the big audience it deserves.
Uwe Reuter D-Allendorf

Hallo, your CD has arrived. Thank you for your kind regards and the lovely postcards. This way buying a CD is a really enjoyable experience.
Best wishes Paul Voit, D-Hilgermissen